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Contact South County Smiles, formerly Ruzicka & Associates, for emergency dental care in the St. Louis area. We provide professional help for dental emergencies at our office even after hours. We understand that dental problems don’t happen on a convenient schedule and that sometimes you may need to see a dentist on the weekend, or in the evening. If that is the case for you, contact us immediately to request same-day dentistry service. We’ll take care of you as soon as possible! Our caring team of knowledgeable dental professionals will address whatever issue you may be experiencing. Whether you had a tooth knocked loose while playing a sport, or you just woke up with swelling and jaw pain, we are trained to handle any and all dental emergencies. We have the experience to do what’s needed to make you comfortable once again.

Tooth and Gum Pain

Tooth and gum pain can be unbearable when it hits. We’re here to offer you fast relief if a situation arises that needs attention even after office hours have ended. Swelling, redness, a foul smell, and throbbing can all be signs of an infection in the gum area or tooth. Any potential infection in the mouth should always be taken seriously, as the risk of abscess and other problems can be a major health issue. Do not wait to contact us if you are in a great deal of pain. There are many same-day dentistry services we provide to help you feel better quickly.

Other, less urgent dental emergencies include a crown falling off or losing a filling. While these issues should be addressed as soon as possible, it may be safe to wait until our office is open if there is no other cause for immediate concern.

Accidents, Injuries, and Other Issues

One of the reasons you may need an emergency appointment is for an accident or injury that damages any of your teeth. We see patients with many different types of injuries, from sports-related damage, to slip and fall accidents, and more. Accidents can cause chipped teeth and even knock out teeth if they are severe enough. Broken teeth can result from falls on ice or cement and an impact from a car accident can also cause an emergency situation.

If you have serious damage to a tooth, it is an emergency situation and you should contact us immediately. Our office provides emergency service and same-day dentistry for patients. In the rare event that we’re not immediately available, we make sure you have a place to go to quickly address the situation. If there’s additional damage to your face or head, it may be necessary to go straight to the emergency room. We are only able to address dental and oral issues and are not equipped to handle other bodily trauma.